What is All About Vision®?
It’s a one-stop resource for consumers who are actively looking for information on their eye health and vision correction options. The site includes more than 500 pages of articles, news, product information and interactive learning tools.

Who’s the audience for All About Vision?
Consumers who want to know what’s available to improve vision and eye health. More than half of all Americans require some type of refractive correction, plus there are many who influence the purchases of others, including spouses, children and parents. Beyond refractive correction, millions of Americans are affected by various non-refractive eye conditions and diseases.

How many people visit All About Vision?
The site served more than 50 million unique visitors in 2016, measured by weekly Google Analytics.

How does All About Vision attract visitors?
The largest generator of visitors is search engines, and All About Vision has top rankings on the major search engines for thousands of vision-related terms. Public relations, direct marketing, and promotional relationships with various organizations also drive traffic. In addition, the site is linked to by thousands of websites of corporations, governments, academic institutions, eye care professionals and U.S. and international media.

Who produces All About Vision’s content?
A staff of experienced eye care writers and editors generate the site’s content, which is proprietary and developed exclusively for All About Vision. Twelve respected eyecare professionals comprise the site’s Editorial Advisory Board:

  • Richard Adler, MD
  • Joseph T. Barr, OD
  • Brian S. Boxer Wachler, MD
  • Brian Chou, OD
  • Michael DePaolis, OD
  • Burt Dubow, OD
  • Pravin Dugel, MD
  • Robert L. Epstein, MD
  • Valerie Kattouf, OD
  • Chris A. Knobbe, MD
  • Craig W. Norman, FCLSA
  • Mark Mattison-Shupnick, ABOM
  • Charles B. Slonim, MD
  • Vance Michael Thompson, MD

How does All About Vision help advertisers sell more efficiently?
By providing advertisers with a highly targeted audience. Advertisers on All About Vision reach the people who ultimately consume vision care products and services at a time when they’re ready to buy or try. And in addition to ads, All About Vision offers every advertiser listings on our Special Offers and Find a Doctor pages.

Who’s behind All About Vision?
The site was created by Access Media Group LLC, a print and electronic communications company specializing in vision care. Access Media’s team members are now part of AAV Media, LLC, which acquired the site in June 2016. AAV Media, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Essilor of America.