Please note that All About Vision® rates are net. Any commissions must be calculated in addition to net rates. All advertising orders are subject to our standard terms and conditions.

Display Advertising

All About Vision‘s ad positions are sold on an exclusive basis to provide a contextual environment. Ads do not rotate. All ads are custom-priced according to traffic. Please contact us to determine availability, traffic volume, and price.

All display advertising costs include design and production of a GIF or JPG ad by All About Vision. HTML5 ads will be created at additional cost, and are quoted on a per-job basis.

Advertisers may also supply their own GIF, JPF, Flash or HTML ads. These ads may be served by a third party or served and tracked by All About Vision. For more information, please see our specifications.


Advertorials are a unique opportunity to promote the benefits of your products in an editorial-like environment. Each advertorial is written and produced by All About Vision and will consist of approximately 500 words. Advertisers must supply any company-specific graphics and/or photos. Advertisers have final copy and layout approval. Links to your website can be included.

Example advertorials:  SynergEyes, Paragon CRT

Advertorials are linked from all articles in any given content area (i.e., each page in the section); a maximum of four advertorials will be placed in a content area. Advertorials are contracted for 12 months with two updates provided without additional cost.

Annual advertorial prices are as follows:

  • $19,725 (CataractsContact Lenses, Eyeglasses or Vision Surgery section)
  • $14,580 (all other content sections except Eye Conditions)
  • $1,200 for promotion on an additional page
  • $6,850 for promotion on every page in an additional category

Due to the breadth of the Eye Conditions section, advertorials are custom priced by topic.


E-coupons are a great way to incentivize consumers to buy your product. Every advertiser is entitled to one static coupon, and one listing on our coupons page, for each advertised product at no additional cost.

For additional impact, choose the option of personalized coupons. After visitors enter information such as their name, address, etc., they will be presented with a personalized coupon that can be printed and redeemed. The following fees will be charged for personalized coupons, which include creating and maintaining a database of registrants.

  • $495 per month
  • $750 set-up charge includes design and production of input page as well as generated coupon

Sponsored Sections (Mini-Sites)

All About Vision will produce multi-page sections devoted to the features and benefits of an advertiser’s product. These sections are clearly marked as sponsored, and they are developed with the input and final approval of the sponsor. Please contact your account representative for more information.

Content Sponsorships

Advertisers may sponsor specific editorial sections of All About Vision. Editorial content will be produced and controlled by All About Vision. Please contact your account representative for pricing and availability.