Specifications & Terms

Supplied ads should conform to the dimensions and file sizes below. We may be able to accommodate non-standard sizes; to discuss please email us or call 908-534-7776.

All About Vision® maintains a proprietary ad impression and click-through tracking system that will support your supplied GIF, JPG or HTML5 ad.

We can accommodate most third-party ad servers. For details, please call.

Dimensions and File Sizes

300×250 GIF or JPG Non-scrolling Max 40k
300×250 HTML5 Non-scrolling Max 100k initial load
160×600 GIF or JPG Scrolling Max 40k
300×600 GIF or JPG Scrolling Max 50k

Flash Ads

We no longer accept Flash ads.

Design Considerations

Ads with white backgrounds must use a border. If the ad has a background color other than white, a border is not required.

General Advertising Conditions

In purchasing advertising from All About Vision, you agree to the following standard terms and conditions:

  • All advertising is run at the publisher’s discretion. The publisher reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertising.
  • Advertisers are solely responsible for advertising and advertorial content, and assume liability for any claims arising from such content against the publisher.
  • Conditions and rates are subject to change without notice. Advertisers under contract are protected from rate changes while under their current contract.
  • Contracted positions, including both banners and advertorials, are noncancelable.
  • The publisher cannot be held liable for costs or damages for failing to run a contracted promotion.
  • The publisher may hold the advertiser and/or its agencies jointly or severally liable for any monies due the publisher for advertising which was ordered and run by the advertiser and/or its agencies.
  • The publisher is not liable for limited interruptions of service beyond its immediate control.
  • All banners and sponsorships are invoiced on a quarterly basis. Invoices are mailed the first week of each quarterly period of the advertiser’s contract year, and are due within 30 days of the billing date. Advertorials are invoiced for 12 months in advance upon final approval of copy and creative.
  • All rates quoted are net. Any commissions must be calculated in addition to net rates.